Verify thermometer accuracy at your critical control point

(February 15, 2008) Rochester, NY – Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company, a premier supplier of temperature instruments and accessories, announces the release of three new Check-Temp Calibrator models. Designed for application-specific needs, these models are a must for HACCP Coordinators, Environmental Safety and Health Professionals, and Quality Assurance Managers in the food and beverage markets.

Tel-Tru Check-Temp Calibrators allow accurate verification of thermometer accuracy at the temperature points critical to the user’s actual application. The calibrators offer several factory set single and dual calibration points, and specified models fit probes up to .250", .125", .187", and .375" diameter. A built-in tool can be used for recalibration, if required, of dial thermometers. For digital thermometers actual performance can be checked against accuracy specifications. Use with thermometer probes of all sizes, both dial and digital!

New to the Check-Temp Line:

Check-Temp 40160 MS -- Ideal for shorter digital temperature probes that are 3" or longer. Includes set points 40°F and 160°F and three ports to fit probe diameters that are .250", .187" or .125".

Check-Temp 212 -- Features the single set point 212°F. Includes one port to fit a probe diameter up to .150" and a built-in wrench for re-calibrating bimetal thermometers with friction hex nuts.

Check-Temp 590C M -- Features Celsius set points 5°C and 90°C. Includes four ports to fit probe diameters that are .375", .250", .187" or .125" and a built-in wrench for re-calibrating bimetal thermometers with friction hex nuts.

Each Check-Temp unit is serialized and certified traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Testing). Built into each unit is circuitry that warns if the unit is more than 1º out of calibration. Also available is an optional program for factory re-certification and maintenance. Various accessories are available, including a carrying case, which can be used for transporting the nine-pound calibrator from site to site.

Tel-Tru Check-Temp Calibrators are manufactured in Tel-Tru’s Rochester, NY factory.

About Tel-Tru Manufacturing
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