Sanitary RTD Assembly

Model: SP100

Sanitary RTD probe assembly, with optional connection head and programmable transmitter, or built-in compact transmitter.  Sanitary configurations feature Tri-Clover® fittings and surface finishes that comply with 3A Standard Number 74-06 for food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications.

Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks

Other configurations available upon request, contact us for more information

Making selections in the following sections may change the final product price.
Choose your RTD Probe Assembly integrated with or without a connection head and transmitter, or with a built-in programmable microprocessor based transmitter.
RTD Probe Assembly with/without connection head
RTD Probe Assembly with built-in programmable microprocessor based transmitter
0.187" probe diameter
0.250" probe diameter
15" and 18" probe lengths only available on units with built-in transmitters
2-1/2" probe length
4" probe length
6" probe length
9" probe length
12" probe length
15" probe length
18" probe length
Tri-Clamp 1/2 and 3/4 inch
Tri-Clamp 1 and 1-1/2 inch
Tri-Clamp 2 inch
Tri-Clamp 2-1/2 inch
If ordering without a transmitter, choose -60/500ºF (-50/260ºC). If ordering with a built-in transmitter, some restrictions may apply.
-50/120 degrees F
-40/160 degrees F
0/140 degrees F
0/180 degrees F
0/200 degrees F
0/220 degrees F
0/250 degrees F
0/300 degrees F
20/240 degrees F
25/125 degrees F
50/250 degrees F
50/300 degrees F
0/500 degrees F
50/400 degrees F
-50/100 degrees C
-50/25 degrees C
-50/50 degrees C
-40/70 degrees C
-20/120 degrees C
-10/110 degrees C
0/50 degrees C
0/60 degrees C
0/80 degrees C
0/100 degrees C
0/150 degrees C
0/200 degrees C
-60/500 degrees F (-50/260 degrees C)
Connection head - white polypropylene (FDA appr.)
Connection head - 316SS
Connection head - Cast Aluminum
1/2 inch NPT with 6 inch leads
M-12 connection without mate (built-in transmitter)
M-12 connection with mating connection, 5 feet of cable
M-12 connection with mating connection, 10 feet of cable
Strain relief, 5 feet of cable
Strain relief, 10 feet of cable
Terminal Block, ceramic, 3-pole with center hole
Transmitter - programmable, Universal
Transmitter - programmable, HART®
Built-in Programmable Transmitter


  • RTD Probe Assembly
  • 0.250 inch probe diameter
  • 2-1/2 inch probe length
  • Tri-Clamp 2 inch
  • 0/200 degrees F
  • 1/2 inch NPT with 6 inch leads
  • None
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