The "Pasteurized Milk Ordinance" ("PMO") regulates the production, transportation, processing, handling, sampling, examination, labeling, and sale of all "Grade A" milk and milk products, as well as the inspection of dairy farms, milk plants, receiving stations, transfer stations, milk tank truck cleaning facilities, milk tank trucks and bulk milk hauler/samplers.


The PMO defines the performance requirements and testing methods for test, indicating, and recording thermometers, and other temperature instruments. The PMO requires that temperature instruments be "compared to a certified temperature source" upon installation and every 3 months thereafter, and after equipment is altered, serviced, repaired or replaced.

Check-Set Series Delivers

The Tel-Tru Check-Set IV Calibrator is optimized for compliance with the temperature instrument calibration and verification requirements of the dairy industry including milk, ice cream, and cheese processing plants. Typical users include in-plant staff responsible for QA, food safety, HACCP compliance and instrument maintenance. Other users include field calibration contractors and regulatory agency personnel who inspect and certify these plants. Enjoy less plant down time due to faster and easier certification of temperature instruments

  • No ice water, no ice buckets
  • No temperature controller circulators
  • Easy to carry throughout the plant
  • Probe inserts for most probe sizes

Check the calibration of your temperature instruments with a Check-Set® IV Thermometer Calibrator.