Company Profile

Founding and Background
The Germanow-Simon Corporation was founded in 1916 in Rochester, NY. Starting as a small machine shop, the company quickly grew to become a major supplier of replacement watch crystals made of plastic. During the 1930s G-S purchased Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company and developed this division to become a leading supplier of bimetal thermometers.

Today Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company manufactures and distributes bimetal thermometers, digital thermometers, temperature and pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, and accessory products, that sense and monitor temperature and pressure in sanitary, industrial, OEM, HVAC, and food service processes and equipment worldwide. We have established a reputation for producing thermometers that are the WORLD STANDARD for quality workmanship and accuracy. Our focus today, as it was in 1916, is to meet customers' requirements with quality products, leading technology, and responsive service.

Founders Harry Germanow (right)
and Julius Simon

Associate Company
Our associate company, GS Plastic Optics (GSPO), was established in the late 1970s. Building on our internal expertise in injection molding and plastics processing developed over many years, GSPO soon became a leader in the new technology of molded optics. Today, GSPO is manufacturing precision polymer optics for imaging, scanning, detection, and illumination applications worldwide. In addition to an extensive catalog offering of precision polymer optics, the company has in-house capability to provide customer designed diamond turned and injection molded prototypes, production molding of optics, thin film and reflective coatings, and integrated optical solutions for a wide range of military, medical, commercial, and consumer markets.

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Did You Know...?

In 1916, with a limited budget Harry Germanow and Julius Simon opened up a machine shop called G-S Machine Works. In their small 500 square foot facility they developed their own products such as a tool room machine vise and bottle-capping machine. They knew they needed to expand their product offering to keep the business going. During World War I, wrist watches became very popular. Soldiers had to use a metal grill to protect the glass face of their watch from getting broken. Harry and Julius had a creative solution to this problem—the plastic watch crystal was born! Their new product worked and the men obtained a patent. In 1935, they decided to diversify and expand their company. They purchased a company which manufactured thermometers and named it Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company.