Courage -- By taking risks we open doors to new ideas, skills, relationships and opportunities. We lead through initiative, risk trying something new, and learn from our mistakes. We quickly confront and defuse negative situations.

Humility -- We care about maintaining perspective and balance, so we don't take ourselves too seriously. We listen, learn, ask questions, are curious about other options, and open to changing our opinions.

Ownership -- All our actions impact the company's success. We communicate clear goals, requests, and deadlines, and the "why" behind each, so we can find a different way to get to the desired end result if conditions change, or obstacles are encountered.

Integrity -- We do the right thing in the absence of supervision, even when it's hard.

Respect -- We care about others; therefore, we are considerate, value diversity, and treat others as they want to be treated. We help others succeed, and consider the impact of our decisions on others in order to find the best solution for everyone.


Tel-Tru manufactures dial type bimetal thermometers and other instruments that measure, indicate, and transmit temperature and pressure for industrial process, sanitary process, commercial, and HVAC applications and related Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Fast delivery to customers worldwide is the result of our "assemble to order from standard components" manufacturing concept.  State of the art equipment and lean manufacturing processes are used to produce the broadest range of product configurations offered in the industry. 


Tel-Tru will:

  • Sell all existing temperature products into strategically identified markets by methodically finding all compatible applications.
  • Develop expertise in the temperature instruments appropriate to those applications, markets, customers, and opportunities, and adapt existing products and/or develop new world class products for them.
  • Lead the world in manufacturing precision dial type bimetal in-stem thermometers utilizing our highly trained staff, state of the art equipment, and production methods from Rochester, NY USA.