Guiding Values

Tel-Tru Values

Honesty and integrity
Our work at Tel-Tru reflects our personal sense of honesty and integrity.
Respect everyone
We respect everyone, value diversity, and treat others as we would wish for ourselves.
Partner with customers
We partner with customers to find solutions to their challenges.
Engage employees
We engage employees in ways that will motivate their commitment to Tel-Tru, promote teamwork, and pursue continuous improvement.
Focus on results
We promote accountability by focusing attention on results, a bias for action, and a sense of urgency in addressing customer needs.
Sense of humor
We take our work seriously and, to retain perspective and balance, we maintain a sense of humor in our workplace.
Take risks
We encourage staff to take risks that open doors to new ideas, skills, and opportunities.


Tel-Tru manufactures dial type bimetal thermometers and other instruments that measure, indicate, and transmit temperature and pressure for industrial process, sanitary process, commercial, and HVAC applications and related Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Fast delivery to customers worldwide is the result of our "assemble to order from standard components" manufacturing concept.  State of the art equipment and lean manufacturing processes are used to produce the broadest range of product configurations offered in the industry. 


Tel-Tru will:

  • Sell all existing temperature products into strategically identified markets by methodically finding all compatible applications.
  • Develop expertise in the temperature instruments appropriate to those applications, markets, customers, and opportunities, and adapt existing products and/or develop new world class products for them.
  • Lead the world in manufacturing precision dial type bimetal in-stem thermometers utilizing our highly trained staff, state of the art equipment, and production methods from Rochester, NY USA.