Digi-Tel Thermometers


Featuring Loop Powered Configurations with 4-20mA Output

The Digi-Tel Electronic Thermometer Series offers extensive configuration options with the solid durability and accuracy required for the most demanding industrial applications. Our feature-rich units will provide reliable transmitter output to remote devices within your facility or that can be integrated into expanded control systems to help processes run more efficiently.


SANITARY Direct Mount
SANITARY Remote Mount
The series is available in two popular styles offering a wide range of convenient configurations and stem lengths from 2-½" to 24". The first is a 5" diameter, stainless steel, back-connect, bottom-connect, or adjustable-angle configuration with a direct mounted stem and a reliable easy-to-read 1" tall digital display. The Digi-Tel series offers a 4.5" diameter, polypropylene housing-based configuration with remote-sensor and easy-to-read 1" tall digital display.  Stems and fittings designed for direct replacement of liquid-in-glass thermometers are available for both styles. All models meet FDA Rule 21 CFR 113.40 requirements for temperature indicators used in retorts, and the requirements of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance for dairy applications.

With NIST-traceable accuracies and a wide temperature range, the new Digi-Tel series includes a convenient PC-based Calibration Software Kit (accessory, purchased separately) that allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the number of significant digits on the digital display and to field calibrate your Digi-Tel electronic thermometer to your traceable or relative accuracy standards. Loop powered or long-life lithium battery powered, the new Digi-Tel series has a five year warranty from date of shipment to you.

Tel-Tru instruments --- designed and built to support the requirements of demanding food processing, dairy engineering, and process industry environments. 

  • NIST traceable factory calibration
  • High-visibility 1" tall LCD digital display
  • Power options:
    • Factory installed battery, 5 year Lithium battery
    • Field replaceable battery, 2 year 3.6V 1/2 AA Lithium
    • Loop powered (9-32VDC, polarity protected) with 4-20mA transmitter output
  • Error codes shown on display if problem is detected
  • Microprocessor technology for improved stability, accuracy and PC based field calibration
  • Connection fittings:
    • ½" NPT -- standard
    • Available options include:
      • ½" NPT Union
      • ½" BSPT
      • 1/4" x 18 UNEF-2A with 5/8" stem and tapered bulb
      • Plain bushing if sliding union required
      • Tri-Clover sanitary flanges that meet 3-A Sanitary Standard Number 74-06 requirements - sizes 3⁄4" to 4"
      • 1¼ x 18 UNEF-2A adapter kit
  • 5" 304SS case with direct mounted 316SS sensor probe:
    • Back connected
    • Bottom connected
    • Adjustable angle
  • 4-½" case polypropylene body with Teflon covered cable and remote sensor probe
  • Windows: Shatterproof (safety) glass standard with polycarbonate optional
  • Conforms to EU/EMC directive 2004/108/EC
  • Weight 2 lbs
  • Serial number on each unit for identification
  • Warranty 5 years from shipment
  • Certificate of Calibration – traceable to NIST (standard)
  • Factory recertification and maintenance program (optional)
  • Factory non-warranty repair service - including battery replacement for factory installed batteries
  • Temperature range span -75/750°F or -60/400°C
  • Accuracy ±0.5°F from 32°F to 300°F
  • Accuracy below 32°F and above 300°F, add ±0.0065°F per degree
  • Resolution 0.1°F or C
  • Sample rate 3 sec.
Transmitter Output:
  • Output: 4-20mA
  • Specified display range
    • Minimum Span: 45°F (25°C)
    • Maximum Span : 360°F (200°C)
  • Accuracy: ± (0.18°F + 0.1% span) or ± (0.1°C + 0.1% span)


  • RTD sensor Pt1000 2-wire
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Stems 2-½" to 24" x 0.25" diameter
  • Ambient operating temperature range -40°F to 176°F (-20°C to 80°C)
  • Relative humidity ≤90% non-condensing
  • Mechanical shock ≤100 g
  • Vibration 5 to 60 Hz, 1G max
Digi-Tel Industrial

View dimensional drawings of the Industrial Direct Mount thermometers
View dimensional drawings of the Industrial Remote Mount thermometer

Digi-Tel Sanitary
View dimensional drawings of the Sanitary Direct Mount thermometers
View dimensional drawings of the Sanitary Remote Mount thermometer
Thank you for considering Tel-Tru's Digi-Tel thermometers for your temperature measurement needs! Please take a few moments to carefully review the Digi-Tel Thermometer Instructions. This instruction packet covers information on:
  • Installation, care, and usage of your Digi-Tel thermometer
  • Safety information
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